Have you ever wanted to make vegan cheese? That's exactly the motivation that helped us to create Cashewbert.

In 2015, Cashewbert's founder, Anderson Santos, wanted to make proper vegan cheese. In order to do that, he travelled to Switzerland to learn traditional cheese making. Back to Berlin, Germany, Anderson Santos, applied those techniques to vegan fermentation and decided to share that knowledge.

Shortly after, Adriessa Souza joined the team and Cashewbert Online Shop was born with very simple recipes for vegan camembert and blue cheese, based on cashew nuts.

Now, over 5 years later, more recipes were developed and improved and new members joined the Cashewbert family.

We also introduced new cultures and new ways to make impressive vegan cheeses.

Our small team is made of vegans committed to protect the rights of non-human living beings as well as creating new ways of fermentation to achieve delicious results for us, humans.

We use only naturally occurring ingredients, making sure all substrates are of a plant-based source, providing a unique way for you to make for yourself, your friends and family, truly fermented vegan cheese alternatives.

And I, Anderson Santos, together with the team, am pleased to have your visit, and I will be glad to show you how simple and tasty vegan cheese alternatives can be.

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