The world needs protein. At C-Merak, we are driven by a simple and inspiring mission: to introduce locally grown protein-rich ingredients as fuel for a healthier future.

We are unlocking the potential from one of nature’s most impressive crops – Faba beans. Packed with nutritional value, Faba beans are natural, pure and versatile. They make fabalous ingredients for healthier people. And, Faba fields naturally enrich the farmland where they are grown for a healthier planet.
Our approach is simple. We start with our local family of producers who grow the beans. We collect the beans for cleaning, sorting and splitting at our C-Merak Grains terminal. The beans will be transformed into protein, starch, flour and fibre ingredients within our industry-leading dry mill C-Merak Foods fractionation plant.

Our Canadian-made Faba ingredients are 100% plant-based, Non-GMO, gluten and allergen free. Our process has no waste, chemicals or additives.

We are part of the plant-protein evolution – and proud of it!

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