BRAIN Biotech

BRAIN Biotech is a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist with a focus on nutrition, health and the environment.

As a technology and solutions provider we support the biologization of industries with bio-based products and processes. We rely on biotechnology as a tool for creating a bio-based future.

From contract R&D with industrial partners to advancing own disruptive incubator projects and customized enzyme products – BRAIN’s broad cutting-edge biotech expertise and its agile team are key to success.

Furthermore the international BRAIN Group distributes specialty B2B products like enzymes or bioactive natural products. The BRAIN Group has its own fermentation or production facilities in Continental Europe, UK and the US.

No matter how you plan to change the future of food for the better – as experts in microbial fermentation and molecular and genetic engineering we can help you navigate the options in the Alternative Proteins landscape.

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