Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1923 as Brabender Elektromaschinen GmbH by Carl Wilhelm Brabender. Today, the Brabender® group, which has generated a steady growth in recent years, employs about 400 people.

As a leading supplier, Brabender® develops, manufactures and distributes instruments and equipment for the testing of material quality and physical properties in all areas of research, development and production, worldwide, for the two application areas of Food and Plastics.

Development and production are very highly integrated at Brabender®. Therefore, the family run group can guarantee "Made in Germany"​ quality, because the research, development and production of the instruments take place exclusively in Germany.

At the company's headquarters in Duisburg, there is a technical applications laboratory available in which customers can also test the instruments themselves.

The Group has a presence in over 130 countries with around 100 distributors and an export share of about 85%. In addition to Europe, the major export regions are the American and Asian continent.

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