Bodec is the bridge between knowledge and market. we provide process innovation, creativity and new technologies. Bodec discover progress ...

Bodec is situated in Helmond, on the Food Tech Park Brainport, with a Pilot and Production Plant, in which optimised processes will be developed. Various technologies are being compared, tested and scaled up to pilot production. The customer is able to postpone its investment in its own production.

The development and optimisation of production processes and the translation of new innovative technologies into practice, is in short the scope of Bodec. The focus is on isolation, separation, concentration and drying in the food industry. Bodec aspires the realization of projects that extend from concept development, testing, engineering untill the complete implementation and optimisation of the process, such as valorisation projects or even complete new production processes.

Proces optimisation
Proces development
Smal scale production ( spray dry tests and production)

Primary focus
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