We develop a next-generation biorefinery technology for producing advanced prebiotic ingredients and microbial Omega-3 fatty acids.
Our xylooligosaccharide prebiotic is the ultimate gut microbiome enhancing ingredient to improve health and immunity and boost performance.
Algal Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy diets of the future uncoupled from depleting marine resources.

We up-cycle agricultural residues and energy crops in an integrated and environmentally benign process with full backward integration in existing agricultural supply chains.
With our flexible technology we empower development of rural circular bio-economy hubs coupled with carbon farming across different geographies.
We aim to offset 10 million tons of CO2e by 2030 by increasing farm animal efficiency.

Current food production systems are far from sustainable. But as with fossil resources, it is just not possible to switch to alternatives overnight. We will need 70% more animal produce to feed the population by 2050 without much room to expand on cropland and yields. Any immediate step toward efficiency and sustainability in the agri-food vertical is essential. We see the gut microbiome as a key element because it has a major role in regulating immunity and metabolism - essential to health and performance.
Our prebiotic solutions are designed to let gut microbiomes thrive!

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