Bioprocess Pilot Facility

The commercialization of bio-based products is a challenging and resource-intense process. Our BPF team has a strong industrial commercial, background and fully understands the demands and complexities of successful scale-up.

We are here to adapt to your specific piloting needs and bridge the gap between development and commercial scale production. Our first-rate facilities, combined with over 40 years of fermentation, downstream processing and bio-process piloting experience, will help ensure your next innovation hits its commercial targets.

BPF’s scaled-down commercial plant is in Delft, the Netherlands. We offer a range of services covering the whole value chain, allowing clients to test how production processes respond to both scale-up and scale-down.

From a) feedstock pre-treatment to b) hydrolysis, c) fermentation and d) downstream processing, in a dedicated food and non-food environment, BPF can handle a variety of biomass feedstocks for commercial manufacture into end products for the biochemical, biofuels, pharmaceutical (e.g. non-clinical) and food industries.

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