Biocatalysts Ltd

Biocatalysts is a global biotechnology company discovering, developing and manufacturing speciality enzymes at commercial scales for a variety of industries, such as food, flavour & fragrance, pharmaceutical, life sciences, fine chemicals and many more. We are based in Cardiff, UK with a subsidiary (Biocatalysts Inc.) in Chicago, USA.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the ability to discover and develop customised enzyme solutions to suit our customers’ specific needs. We possess the tools, expertise and capabilities to carry out this enzyme manufacturing process as cost effectively, quickly and simply as possible, without compromising on quality.

Amongst our many capabilities is our own metagenomic library, protein synthesiser, bioinformatics and cloning, downstream processing and enzyme stabilisation, to name but a few. In fact we have over 80 different capabilities that we utilise depending on the type of project we are undertaking.

We believe that our commercial approach to enzyme development and production is truly distinguishable due to the enzymes being designed with large scale commercial manufacture in mind. Therefore, we consider various factors such as enzyme stability, regulatory compliance and logistics from the off.

Biocatalysts wealth of enzyme knowledge and experience, along with our continuous investment in new technology and capabilities, enables us to continuously exceed our customers’ enzyme expectations.

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