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Ethicameat is the cultured meat brand of Biotech Foods, a pioneering Spanish company that is driving a revolution in the global food market; natural slaughter-free animal meat.

In a world threatened by climate change, a growing population represents a challenge when it comes to combining food and sustainability. Therefore, cultured meat is positioned as one of the greatest innovations of the century, combining food safety, animal welfare and sustainability in a unique product that is perfect for the whole family.

We respond to global and ethical arguments, address high demand for animal-based protein and reduce the current impact of the production process on the environment through sustainable solutions.

We are a friendly response coming from responsibility and awareness, courageous, disruptive, innovative and different, compared to intensive meat production, which has reached its limit.

We are tied to the social movement from many corners of the globe that advocates for responsible consumption as a way of reconsidering our needs in order to satisfy them with a healthy and sustainable diet that is fair on animal welfare and the environment.

Ethicameat is a real brand and also a quality seal for sustainable meat.

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Meat fish analogs
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