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Betagro is a group of companies operating agro-industrial and food businesses with high quality and safety. Its products range from upstream to downstream processes, covering animal feed and animal health products. Later, the Group expanded its businesses into livestock production and development, animal farming, meat processing and food manufacturing. Betagro provides distribution channel service as well as domestic, and overseas distribution. It also invests in agro-industrial and food businesses internationally.

Over its 53 year journey, Betagro Group has prioritized and adhered to the following 4 values:

• Food Quality & Safety
• Customer & Consumer Care
• Agro-industrial and food research and innovation
• Sustainable development

Everyday at Betagro, we are committed to improving people and their communities to attain quality of life through better quality, safer and fair priced food. We believe everybody must have the choice to access foods which are greater in terms of quality and safety at an affordable price, as food is one of the basic necessities that constitutes a strong foundation for sustainable development.

With this strong determination, we have dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing the food industry. We have introduced innovations using advanced technologies to create food security and economic stability for a sustainable life of all.

Today, Betagro Group not only intends to deliver its products with high quality and safety, but also combines the principles of social responsibility with its business operations under the concept of CSV, or Creating Shared Value, so that Betagro and the society will grow together sustainably.

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