Optimizing microbial processes.

Avecom NV is specialized in R&D of added value products and processes based upon our strong microbial, environmental, and chemical expertise: 1) Partnerships with industrial companies for smart and rapid innovation (product and process development) 2) Avecom products - Nitrifying culture for rapid removal of the toxic ammonium and nitrite in aquaria, pounds, aquaculture, ... - Micro and macronutrients for optimizing aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment plants - Granular sludge for enhancing the performance of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants - Highly active nitrifying sludge for a strong increase of nitrifying capacity of aerobic wastewater treatment plants - EDC and chlorinated ethenes removing culture for in situ soil remediation - Microbial grease removal in catering 3) Labscale and pilot-scale feasibility testing and consultancy for aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment, digesters and soil remediation.

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