Automated Engineering Services Inc.

AES (Automated Engineering Services, Inc.) was formed after recognizing gaps with most system vendors and integrators who lack a strong background in Life Science, particularly with manufacturing operations in mind.
In addition to services provided, AES also manufactures their own line of rockers, pump towers and 2-15L bioreactor systems.

AES is made up of world class engineers and business experts from diverse backgrounds including operations, automation consulting, DCS/PLC programming, start-up, commissioning, validation and manufacturing.

In addition to our professional engineering capabilities, AES has added a top-tier business development/sales-marketing team to the organization to continue to grow the OEM and instrumentation sales at the company.

Although AES recognizes itself as a process integration company, we do much more than just software integration. We are capable of completing integration of the equipment, data, software, as well as design and implementation of systems from the lab scale to full commercial production biotech/pharma facilities.

We specialize in lab scale bioreactors/fermentors, perfusion systems, fed batch, etc. We use multiple control systems including, Emerson DeltaV and Rockwell PlantPAX. AES also specializes in downstream equipment and controls for chrom skids, TFF, UFDF and Viral Filtration.

Our core strength and ability to compete on a worldwide stage in biotech/pharma comes from our collective years of experience in tech transfers, new product introductions and facility efficiency improvements.

We at AES look forward to maximizing efficiency while reducing costs at your facility. Please contact us for more information.

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