Everything tastes good!
Enjoyment, the joy of a good meal with pure, original, genuine ingredients is our top priority.

All quality!
Our food is made from selected raw materials and carefully processed. We are committed to this every day.

Everything organic!
Wherever the sometimes centuries-old Asian cultivation and production traditions allow, we offer independently controlled organic quality in accordance with the EC organic regulation.

Everything vegan!
Coming from the macrobiotic tradition, we generally avoid animal ingredients. For over 30 years!

Everything sustainable!
We want to preserve. In addition to the Japanese art of production, which is worth preserving, we are committed to modern organic farming - an investment in the future. Incidentally, to which we also count fair, stable and long-term trade relationships!

Everything will be successful!
All Arche specialties were tried out in our kitchens and with our families. With a clear conscience we say: Your guests can come!

Everything transparent!
That simply means: unadulterated, pure recipes and completeness of all declarations.

Everything safe!
Arche food is subject to strict in-house control and documentation systems. In doing so, we often go far beyond the legal requirements!

All free!
From unnecessary additives such as flavor enhancers, artificial colors, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and also granulated sugar, wherever possible.

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