At Alver we believe that people deserve a solution to a better mind, in a better body by using resources that are kind to the planet.

We aim to create food products that fit easily into your everyday life, boosted with Golden Chlorella so that you don't have to worry about eating healthy and still enjoy delicious meals. It's the little plus that makes all the difference. They're tasty, they're good for you and for the planet.

Our innovation lies in our Golden Chlorella, a micro algae like no other. We took Chlorella, one of earth's most ancient life forms and made it easier for you to consume. No pills, no bright green strong smelling products. Our micro algae grows in the dark and goes through a natural fermentation process to become golden and subtle in taste while still bursting with life essential nutrients. It's one of the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable source of protein and nutrients on the planet.

Alver aims to make it easily available to you, so you can eat in the smartest way possible.

Discover our Pasta, soups, sauces and many more delicious food on our website.

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