Allmicroalgae is working on high-quality plant-based solutions of 100% microalgae directed to the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, Feed, Agricultural and Cosmetics industries, focused on the growing number of companies looking for nutritionally sustainable plant-based ingredients and biomass. Being one of the largest European producers of natural microalgae, in particular organic Chlorella vulgaris, Allmicroalgae owns a rich microalgae portfolio which includes too Nannochloropsis sp., organic Spirulina, Tetraselmis chui, Scenedesmus sp., Phaeodactylum tricornutum and more. Allmicroalgae sells directly from Portugal to the worldwide market enabling competitive pricing and flexible volumes. With a commitment to transparent operations and high safety standards, the company provides technical knowledge, information and expertise at every step. Allmicroalgae became a worldwide reference in terms of premium premium-quality microalgae biomass, food safety and innovation, being certified for European Organic Production as well as GMP+ and GMP, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, Halal and Kosher.

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