Alkion BioInnovations

Alkion BioInnovations is a pionnier & leader in plant tissue propagation technologies. We have developed and patented a bioproduction platform to obtain highly valuable ingredients (APIs and complex extracts) from plants for pharmaceutical & agri-food markets. Our method of production is sustainable (we aim at reaching a carbon-neutral production and we recycle water and waste) and highly efficient to drastically reduce costs of production for a top quality.

One of our main pharma proprietary projects is the industrial standardised production of cannabinoids, API and extracts, for the therapeutic market. Alkion got the first historical R&D licence to work on Cannabis tissues from French authorities in 2018.
We work with industrial companies on few different applications and molecule families such as triterpenoids and recombinant proteins.
In agrifood, we focus on a sweet protein from an exotic plant. It has exceptional physico-chemical properties for industrial applications as sugar replacement. Alkion is laureate of I-Nov grant from France Agrimer on this subject.

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