Wholesaler of algae-based protein-rich and lipid-rich algae powders.

In nature, microalgae are at the base of the food chain and the original source of oils. To meet the production challenges and growing demand for sustainable nutrition, microalgae fermentation plays a strategic role as we access its naturally original source.

We're pioneering a new way to create algae-based oils that are sustainable and have high-performance nutrition and functionality. The algae naturally convert renewable plant sugars to oil in just a few days. The result is an oil with a unique profile and no waste - the leftover algae can be used for renewable energy and many other uses. Algae AlgaVia® Whole Algae Ingredients is today’s answer to a more sustainable, healthier tomorrow. 

The future belongs to those who step forward with profoundly simple ideas, back them with sound research, and demonstrate the means to see them through to fruition. AlgaVia® Whole Algae Ingredients is committed to creating innovations that will shape the future of food.

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