Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Filling, portioning, separating, dosing, forming, co-extruding: the Handtmann Maschinenfabrik supplies filling and portioning systems for food production worldwide. Whether for the production of traditional sausage and meat products, fish and seafood, baked goods, confectionery, dairy products, vegetarian and vegan products or pet food. The vacuum filler with patented vane cell feed system, that controls intelligent systems and line solutions highly-efficiently, is at the heart of the process. This technique of the Handtmann vane cell feed system ensures maximum weight accuracy and product protection during the portioning process.

Together with over 85 engineers and technicians, we develop innovative solutions based on portioning technology. Thanks to intensive and appropriate market cultivation, Handtmann holds a leading position today in the portioning system sector for food production. We are in close dialogue with the customer on product development. Our communication platform for this purpose is the HANDTMANN FORUM customer centre which offers the ideal setting for project talks, presentations, seminars and specialist conferences.

Our demand on the machine components and control technology ensures maximum product quality and process reliability for the customer. The best employees, advanced production technologies with high vertical integration, sales partners and subsidiaries in over 100 countries supported by over 350 service technicians worldwide contribute their part.

Your success is our motivation.

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