Agilery is the one-stop partner for plant-based innovation projects in Europe. Based in Zurich, we provide a range of services for food and beverage brands of all sizes, across all product categories. Orchestrating pilot productions and small to medium volumes are our specialty, and we have the ability to scale smoothly and to optimise on the go. Our mission is to catalyse the ongoing good change in our food system.

Since our creation in 2019, we lead over 120 successful projects for more than 50 international customers of all sizes. We focus on helping European plant-based innovation succeed from pilot to launch. Our sectors of expertise include:

  • Full implementation of plant-based products based on concepts or prototypes, such as cheese, dairy and meat alternatives, include a range of manufacturing processes
  • Launch of showcase products to display innovative use of alternative protein ingredients in consumer goods
  • Research and selection of contract manufacturing partners in Europe
  • Research and selection of fermentation facilities (biomass fermentation, precision fermentation, solid and liquid state fermentation)
  • Scaling lab-scale prototypes to pilot and commercial volumes
  • Creation of tailor-made manufacturing set-ups, from sourcing to production
  • Management and optimisation of outsourced production operations
  • Consulting on quality, novel foods, manufacturing processes of alternative proteins for ingredients and finished products, and more!

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