Above Food

Real ingredients. Real nutrition. Real flavour.

Welcome to Above Food, a delicious celebration of food that is real. Real ingredients. Real nutrition. Real flavour. Real transparency.

Above Food is a first-of-its-kind, plant-based food company with a vision to create a healthier world—one seed, one field, and one bite at a time. As a high-growth, fully verticalized platform with complete custody of plant proteins across our value chain, we deliver exceptional B2C and B2B products—from branded CPG and private label offerings and advanced ingredients to identity preserved proteins and scaled global distribution—with unparalleled traceability, qualifiable sustainability, and superior nutrient density.

At Above Food, we look to nature as a blueprint for how to continuously innovate, because just like nature, we’re constantly evolving and adapting to offer only the best. We use the highest quality proteins and ingredients, and our products are always born in the farm fields—never in a lab. From seed-to-fork, we take great care at every step along the way. Because, we believe knowing the whole story behind your food’s journey is important for the health and well-being of people and planet, alike.

Above Food was founded in Canada in 2020 by food production ecosystem veterans and visionary co-founders, Lionel Kambeitz, CEO and Executive Chairman, Donato Sferra, Executive VP, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development, Tyler West, CEO and President Purely Canada Foods Corp., and Martin Williams, President and Chief Innovation Officer Above Food Brands.

Our B2B division, Purely Canada Foods, is the ingredients supplier to ingredients suppliers, with more than 300 customers across 35 countries. The Above Food family of CPG brands includes Eat Up!, Farmer Direct Organic, Only Oats, Culcherd, and and Atlantic Natural Food’s brands Loma Linda, TUNO and Neat, found in 25,000 retail locations across 35 countries.

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