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21st.BIO help accelerate the World’s quest for sustainable food and materials

Advances within biotechnology, robotics and data science enable discovery of new molecules providing sustainable solutions for food, agriculture and energy. Yet, way too few promising innovations and new molecules have yet been successfully commercialized and made a true impact to the world.

21st.BIO help you accelerate building a competitive manufacturing foundation for your innovation - allowing you to focus on succeeding in the market and your next discovery.

We partner with you on your journey to the market through:
1) Assessment of the technical potential in delivering your innovation – the expression system, the strain base, yield potential, investments required and the best way forward
2) Access to and optimization of high-performance strain platforms and production media across multiple expression systems
3) Building your scale up process and provide volumes for testing your innovations in the market
4) Providing a high quality, proven low investment way for you to manufacture in very large scale – your “fermentation cloud solution”

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