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Hi, it’s Geza here, Founder of Protein Directory. I’m a chemist with a passion for innovation and community building. For the past decade, I have been creating tech ecosystems to help companies collaborate, from early-stage startups to large corporations.

Companies struggle to keep track of the industry

But when I entered the rapid-growth world of alternative proteins, I saw companies struggling to keep track of all the industry developments, initiatives and competitors popping up every day.

Meanwhile, unprecedented ingredients or technologies hit the market constantly. And there were just too many players growing too quickly in a continually restructuring field!

Global database with up-to-date overview of the alt protein ecosystem

So, I created a solution: Protein Directory. It’s a global, openly accessible company database that provides people with a structured and up-to-date overview of the alt protein ecosystem.
Talking with leaders in many industries, I learned that systematically discovering and assessing collaborators is crucial to building impactful partnerships.

We’re growing fast

Protein Directory published its first database in October 2019. Since then, we rebuilt it 3 times to accommodate the needs of thousands of monthly visitors from 100+ countries around the globe.

To keep up with the platform’s fast growth, our one-person team has expanded into a group of company scouts, event organisers and IT developers.

Connecting Stakeholders

Besides the database, we are also organizing events to teach people more about the field and connect them with other stakeholders – because we believe it’s all about the community. So far, we have run 6 major conferences, attracting 1000+ participants.
Building partnerships should create opportunity and drive innovation. So we’re thrilled at the positive feedback from startups attracting investors, investors finding deals, experts joining companies, and corporates creating pilot programs.

Contact us

If you want to join our directory or find out more about our work, contact us here. Together, we can build a better alt protein ecosystem.
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